Trying to make it so you can have multiple restrictions for visibility

I want to create 2 visibility instances for my group but I cant figure out how to do this? Is it possible to do? Thanks!

Make your group a group and apply the other visibility rule, repeat for all conditions. This work for AND but not for OR conditions.

Hope that helps!

Im still a bit confused, I attached a picture of my screen below let me know if this helps. Thanks again!

Hi @Jrs8


Click here again, make group again, then you can have another visibility.

For OR function, use binary value, such as 100, 10, 1
for example in 3 factors, use 3 digits
first digit which is 1 in 100 will determine first factor
second digit which is 1 in 10 will determine second factor
third digit which is 1 in 1 will determine third factor

This is a combination of binary value, but with this, we can manipulate them by adding 100 or 10 or 1 and combine them,
so if we need first factor and third factor, it becomes 101,
if we need all the factors, it will become 111.

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