Filters - How to use ‘Or’, not ‘And’


I have a list with a search input up top where users can enter a keyword and filter the results.

I have 2 filters setup - look for the keyword in field x; look for it in field y.

However I need it to filter/show results that have the keyword in EITHER field x OR field y. (Note: Currently it appears to show only results that have the keyword in BOTH field x AND field y, which I don’t want.)



You could create a new property that contains both values from the first two properties and just filter on that

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Yes, good workaround.

Needed to confirm I wasn’t overlooking some feature first :grinning:.

Thank you!!

Hmm I still don’t understand how to implement and/or statements.

In what case would I click “Add another filter”? I want to filter one column to just 2 out of all the options in that column.

How would you go about this? A property can only have a relationship with one other property.