Action button not sticking to bottom


I have an action button that keeps moving with a completely unrelated list behind it based on the number of items in the list.

I want to button to stay “stuck” at the bottom as it is my navigation button. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

The action button is the top item. Have also tried making it a group and sticking it to the bottom but results were the same. Have also tried making a new button all together but that also behaved the same.

Any help will be useful. Screenshots attached.


Hi @crystalball :wave:

Set the fixed type to Bottom

Thank you

Action buttons dont have a fixed type. And I did try a custom non action button but fixing it to the bottom did nothing.

You can make it a group and set it

Ah sorry. Actually you don’t need to apply that. Because it’s already a fixed button.

As I mentioned, I tried that also and that did do anything.

The same action button on another screen works just fine so I think it something else that is causing this.

See screenshots.

There is a white rectangle (#26) in the background that I use for rounded corners behind the list. If I delete the rectangle the button goes back to sticking to the bottom as expected.

Did you set the fixed type of that rectangle to bottom?
I think that could be the problem.

You that was it. Thanks.

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Great and Your welcome :+1:

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