How do i make the buttons move up and down with the rest of the page when the user is scrolling

the buttons in my page stay still and float in place when the rest of the page is scrolled through. how do i get them to move with the rest of the page elements?

I had the same issue today, but mine was a custom button i created. so if yours is a custom button, check to see if the position is set to either top or bottom, if so, change it to none.
Hope this helped.

what do you mean by “the position is set to either top or bottom”?

do you mean front or back layer?

where you have edit styles, set the fixed option to “none”

I can not find the ‘edit styles’ option on action buttons (that’s the kind I’m using).

i checked, and the method you described does works on other elements that do have the ‘edit styles’ option.

@henry you can’t do that with action buttons. You just have to either use a regular button or create a button in another application (e.g. draw), import it in as an image, then assign actions to it. Then you can set the style to none.

o, thanks for explaining

how do i import images?

or you could just create one using components like text fields, icons, rectangles and eclipse, then add shadows. that’s how i create mine. don’t forget to group them as one before adding an action.