Action: Notification that creates conversation/chat

Hello everyone,

I need some help.
Indeed, I am creating an app which works like Vinted (marketplace). I created a Chat screen and a notification screen.
When a customer clicks on a fav toggle, it creates a notification which says “customer has liked your item !”:

I created an action: when the user clicks on the notification, it creates a conversation.
The problem is that it creates a conversation every time the customer clicks on the notification. This is not correct :

If the conversation is already created, I would like that the action of clicking on the notification make us go to the conversation and not create an another one.

Do you know how I can make it happen ?

There are some screenshots of the setup of the action:

Thank you very much !

Hi @Test_boutique76,

You could do like this! : Stop Duplicating Conversations.mp4 - Google Drive

Thank you

Hello, you can add a relationship between the (notifications and conversations) collection which will be like that(Each conversation have multiple notifications) and then when someone would like to send a notification, it will also save the conversation. And then after clicking on the notification, it will link you to the conversation screen if there’s already a conversation, and will only create a new conversation if there’s no a previous one.

Thank you!

Thanks for your messages, I found an another solution to avoid creating duplicates chats.

Thank you @Ali-Bazzi and @dilon_perera !

Perfect! You’re welcome!

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