Activity feed - going "back" to a particular post after replying

Hello all,

I’ve finally created my activity feed page and it looks ok. I am just stuck at one bit. Hope you chaps can help.

If a user wants to post a comment on a wall feed item, I take the user to a new page where the original post appears and the user can post a comment/reply. The user than has to push the ‘back’ button at the top of the page. Once this button is pushed, the user goes to the top of the activity feed page as opposed to that specific feed to which he/she replies.

I created some 10 feeds and 5 replies per feed so you can imagine how far the scrolling takes the user on to. But after posting a reply, when a user goes back, the top of the page comes up and not the exact feed to which a user replies.

Any ideas?

Many thanks

hello all, any ideas on this issue?

Hi @arun, there isn’t currently the option to ‘scroll to a post’ or to navigate to an anchor on a screen (or, indeed, create such an anchor). Maybe a good opportunity to post to the feature requests?

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I’ll upvote this if you guys create the request :slight_smile:


It seems that others are facing the same situation as well, including me. Like @adam16ster has pointed out, the scroll position is correct at first, but then snaps back to the top. Maybe this is due to rendering or something, but either way it would be very difficult without locking a scroll position. Funny thing is how I didn’t notice this issue until now. For my app, with lots of items on screen, it will probably me make-or-break as many my clients who will use the app are notoriously prone to nagging :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve made a feature request here. Please vote on it so that we can get it noticed faster :smiley: