Scroll position not preserved?

Seems scroll position is not being preserved upon navigating back to a list screen from a detail screen for example. Whether I use browser back button or the app’s back button the list AT FIRST is in the correct scroll position but then after a moment it jumps back to the top. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Does this behavior also happen on a native mobile app or just the web?


Hi - Seeing the same screen refresh issue on mobile app as well. its taking to the top when you have a selection screen popup with 0 opacity. @Ben - Can you please suggest. Thanks

Hey guys, did you manage to resolve this? I have been struggling with this issue for a while too and I was just about to make a post. Does anyone have any ideas please?


Has anyone else experienced that?

I didn’t notice this earlier (don’t know if this is a new issue or not), but now I am experiencing this same issue as others. I don’t think there’s any workaround for this from our end, maybe the devs can give us an input on this

@Ben @David @jeremy

Edit: just realized this could potentially affect my app very negatively, as well as others who are in the same situation. I have a list of 20+ items in a page that leads to a detail page. Going ‘back’ and jumping to the top every time will surely be very frustrating from a customer’s user experience point of view. I haven’t launched my app to my customers yet, but am just days away from doing so

I’ve sent a feature request here, but would really appreciate if a quick fix can be suggested for it in meantime:

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I am experiencing the same issue. I hope Adalo comes with a quick solution.

Completely agree with you :+1:

Hey @Tommen @meetmenon @adam16ster @AddyEdwin I know this was happening before, but I thought it had been partially fixed. To me it looks like it’s no longer happening when you go back just one screen, but it’s still happening when you back multiple screens.

Are they other cases where you’re seeing this for a single back action?

Hello Jeremy, thank you for your response. In my case, it was happening in most of the screens since I was using similar ones.

However, it would be super helpful if anything could be done with that. I find it very annoying and time-wasting because sometimes the positions hold, sometimes not and it consumes a lot of time trying to figure this out. When it seems like it’s working, it suddenly goes wrong again.

Hi guys, I am experiencing the same issue and it is very annoying. It makes the app look kind of “cheap”.

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Hey, @jeremy, experiencing the same issue.

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I’m experiencing the same issue. For single back action, in previewer and PWA. My users are scrolling through a long list of profiles, clicking a profile to see details, then being taken back to the top of the list when returning (making the profile a Modal screen doesnt help). Is there a fix for this yet?

I was experiencing the same problem. Suddenly it improved slightly. from a scrolling list link to first detail page and back it works. it comes back exactly on the same file on the sroll. but from when i navigate to next page and come back to previous but from there it goes back to the top of the scroll list. to explain better i join the screen shot.
from home to full brief and back is fine but when going back from original article 1 to full brief its fine from ther to scroll page i find myself on the top of the list;

Please help

Hi all, I have answered this many times now :smiley:

On previewer and PWA it will NOT preserve the position when there’s link back action BUT when native apps (Android & iOS) are live it will preserve its position.

On Native apps - to do the trick you will need to set the transition to either Float Up or Modal.

@Niam @Yos @mephix I have several apps that are live and has feed design, tapping it launches the content viewer. It won’t work if you use Push Transition.

Proof this is a live native app >
Like I said just on LIVE native apps …

hi @TORCH, thanks for taking the time to provide this demo for native apps.

I do understand that list-return works in native apps. My point is that it does not work in PWA. I can’t speak for @Niam and @Yos but I would like this to be considered a bug that needs fixing. Because it breaks the experience of scrolling through a list then clicking on one list item for details in a fundamental way. Is there something basic about web that prohibits this from being fixed?

@jeremy It is still happening for a single back action.

We will try and get this working on PWA, since it seems to still be an issue. I thought it had been fixed on both.


@mephix I notice it is working on PWA.
On this example I am working on UI Kits for Adalo Platform where it has a list and the list has link to Edit country Screen, transition is set to modal.

It is now working for me on webapp and in the previewer. (I didn’t change anything, just checked back this morning, so I’m assuming there was a fix).

Thanks @jeremy for fixing it and @TORCH for the help and demos.


Sorry to report this, but it is still not working sometimes. Below is a screen video I took this morning (with no code changed since it was working last).

You can see the jump back to the top of the list. I’ve tried to figure out under what circumstances it happens, but so far it is beyond me. It happens some of the time. @jeremy, I am happy to do more tests and/or provide more information if you need it.