Very serious issue for social networks in Adalo. Please take notice

When a user browses far down a post feed, then comments on a separate comment screen. Then clicks a back arrow to get back tot he original post, the screen automatically scrolls back to the top, causing the user to have to scroll back to where they were.

This is cause for users to delete my app. It’s one of the most complained about things in app store reviews for small apps that aren’t very good at UI design. I don’t like to look like a bad designer (coder).

Could you please have this fixed or direct me to someone I can hire to do so. We can’t release our app without this issue resolved.

Thank you.

This won’t happen when you publish to apple or android. You can’t fix it currently on web though.

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply. I’m not concerned about the web.

So there is no extra steps I need to take to be sure the commenter will be taken back to the original post on the feed?


but it will still happen if you are using “instant navigation”
also if the posts list is huge and you are using the advanced options “load items as user scroll” once going back the list will reload only the first set of items and will need to scroll down again

If you want to be taken seriously, don’t build a social app with Adalo. It’s a waste of time until you finally dump it. Use flutterflow. You won’t regret


Well, “if you want to” not be taken as disrespectful person, don’t promote competitive companies on a forum that you are logged into.

I’m a Figma designer. I hire coders for the coding. Adalo is hands down the best for UI design and the closest to actual Figma design. Flutterflow isn’t even remotely close achieving Figma-like results. FlutterFlow built apps (and templates) look like garbage.

If you want a BEAUTIFUL app, use Adalo for no-code. Period. And don’t get me started with Bubble. More eye soars.

Who ever said I was going to advertise that our app was “finished” with Adalo? We’ve been in Dev for over a year. A lot of work, thought, and money has gone into this project. Adalo is simply a tool to take all of that and make it functional and published into the app stores. From there, we can decide how to move forward.

Some founders are okay with “revealing” they used Adalo… For me personally, I’d rather keep it a secret. Because Adalo is indeed my secret weapon. Without it I would have been in development hell for another 6 months with React coders in India (I’m in the USA).


Hey you clearly are inexperienced in tech and with your current mindset, You will lose a lot of money and waste a lot of resources before you finally learn the hard way.

You talked about figma and being a figma designer. Well I’m an experienced UX designer and a flutter developer with over 6 years experience in product design so your statement is fat boolean false.
You can literally import your figma design into flutterflow. You can also design anything on flutterflow with complex animations.

Flutterflow is just basically flutter. (Darts)

I maintain, that you can’t build any scalable or complex product with Adalo. Building a social media app on Adalo is a waste of time especially Android. Adalo is mainly a prototyping/MVP tool and probably for building simple products with few pages.

I have built products on Adalo and built the same products on Flutterflow and I need no one to advice me. Flutterflow is decades ahead. From deeplinking to dynamic linking to speed to backend infrastructure etc

Flutterflow is so good, I could literally build Adalo with Flutterflow.

Can’t we export our database and move to AWS to scale?

You can’t.

You actually can export your Adalo content as a CSV and move to Firebase with some particular additions, but it is definitely a hour long task to set up your data for a port to another service.

Poetically, Flutterflow has a video showing you how to do it: How to Import a CSV Into FlutterFlow

I do also want to note that since you are building a social app, deeplinking and dynamic linking are two critical components you need for the future of your app’s success. I’d say give Flutterflow a try, maybe as a V2 of the app if you get a steady roll of users.

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Thanks. I’m likely going to use Supabase for the backend on our next release.

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