Adalify integration

Hi everyone,

I’m currently using Adalify and an AWS S3 bucket to upload some files (zip and xlsx ).

I want to know if I can get rid of the message of successful upload that appears in the end.

Does anyone have an idea how to do that? Do you know any alternative to upload a file to a bucket?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Nathan ( @theadaloguy ) a suggestion ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually, I talked with Nathan like 30 minutes after I have posted this. ahaha :rofl:

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Hey there @matty9595

Did you come up with a solution? If so, would you post your solution here so that others can learn how to accomplish this?

I think it’s a wonderful idea to display the success message like that.

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Ehi, no unfortunately there is no solution atm.

Nathan told me that the message is embedded into the components.

btw is it possible to use integratomat/ or zapier without creating a collection? I mean I want to upload files that Adalo doesn’t support so it’s impossible to save those files in collections and then transfer the files.

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