Media integration on S3

Hi all!

I am trying to integrate the multimedia files that users upload in S3 to not take up space in Adalo and to improve performance.

I have seen tutorials that indicate for other platforms that you have to do it through an intermediary platform. Is this not possible to do directly from Adalo to AWS?

The only problem I see to be able to do it is the bucket policy, I can’t find the Adalo json code that needs to be integrated into AWS. Is there no possibility to give the permission directly from Adalo?

Hi Lofi, this video might be helpful about setting bucket permissions:


Thank you very much for the video, it has helped me to solve the video playback, which I had pending…
But for a user to be able to upload a file in my app, do I need to create an account in Adalify for example? Isn’t there a way to apply this directly in Adalo? I can’t find a way to do it.
Thanks for the help!

You can use Adalo’s uploader (and upload to the database), then use the Amazon S3 API or Integromat to send the file to Amazon S3, and then delete the file on Adalo. The limitation of this is file upload limit is maybe 50MB.

If you need over 50mb or some other features, the Adalify uploader might be good for you. It’s a paid monthly service as it runs via our servers.

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I have created a pro account in Adalfy. I’ve followed your tutorials to the letter (percent, they’re great, thanks for the help), but unfortunately, as if by magic my Adalify API suddenly stopped working before I finished the process. After a whole afternoon looking for the possible error, I deleted everything to start from the beginning, I regenerated my Adalify API and nothing, I am not able to perform this operation for one reason or another… I close the issue… Thank you very much for your help

I’ve sent you an email so we can have a look at this for you.

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Thanks so much for the help. I just replied to the email.

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