Adalo app not loading on an iphone (safari & chrome)

My Adalo app doesn’t work on an Iphone iOS 14, neither Safari nor Google Chrome, but it loads when i open link via FB Messenger. Also, there is no problem loading on any Android or Windows device.

Snimka zaslona 2020-12-07 213035

yes I love adalo. we have had such a good experience with Adalo we are planning on moving our app over…however today scared me! SO MANY ISSUES TODAY!

And this was one of them. A large percentage of our users are apple users. and none of them could use our apps today.

We are also experiencing a similar issue. We have a desktop app and it is working on Sarafi (desktop browser) and Chrome (mobile browser). Not working on the opposite. Are others experiencing downtime still as well?

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Same issue with me, not loading in apple phones, but works fine in android phones, today morning onwards not triggering notifications, It was working fine till last night.

Well this is a bit discouraging because we’re launching an app very soon and our user base is filled with iOS and Android users… Can we hear from someone official regarding this issue?

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