My apps aren't loading anymore

Is it just me or is my app so slow that it’s not even loading anymore? It’s stuck in the loading screen whenever I try and test out the web app on a mobile device but it seems to open just fine on the PC previewer. Is it just me or is this happening to everyone else and what can I do about it?

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Adalo really loads content very slowly !!!

I know, but it’s much slower than usual, in the past it could load up, now it’s stuck at the loading screen, anything I can do to speed it up?

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Nothing! I think they are updating something there because of this it becomes so heavy.

Damn it. I’m in the middle of something right now and my client will be expecting it anytime soon, hopefully whatever update they’re making won’t last long and I can get to work. How come no one else is complaining about this issue?

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Many have been complaining for a long time, but the result is still zero!

@Ojonimi177 are you still experiencing issues with your apps loading? I just tested and they seem to be loading fine for me.

Just tested now, I’ve still got the same issue, it’s not loading, any idea why?

I’ve made a bug report for it and a developer will take a look when possible.

Thank you, hopefully that could be soon

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