Adalo browser preview working, mobile preview not working

I’m using a xano external db to render data in my adalo front end. When I open the previewer on the adalo web platform, the list on my home page renders exactly as I expect; however, when I access it via the mobile share link, the list does not load. Is there some difference between these two on the adalo or xano side? my request history in xano is all 200 responses returning the correct data, so I’m not sure what I’m missing. pics attached to show the difference.

Hello, is the list related to a relationship for the logged in user, or is it listing all the records without being filtered according to the logged in user?

Thank you!

The list is associated with logged-in userID. The perplexing thing is that it works while logged into the adalo web-platform previewer, but not from a mobile device accessed by the shareable link.