Images from external collection only showing in list by PC preview, not on Android phone

Hello Adalo team,
this is part 1 of 2 issues I’m having with displaying an image from an external collection (I’m separating my issue into two logical parts, as these are probably two separate problems).

Ok, so…
I have created 5 test users, 2 of them have profile pictures, the others do not (so far so good).
I already used the workaround of specifying image URLs instead of using the collection directly (where it was grayed out anyway).

The preview works fine that way through my PC, but when I try to load the preview in my S10+, the images don’t show up.

The problem is, since I work here in Germany, I’m forced to comply with GDPR, so I’m not allowed to store users’ personal data on US servers (which also eliminates Airtable for potential customers from Europe - which you should strongly think about :wink:).

The connection to my external collection works, as the images are displayed in the preview of my PC without problems.

Thanks a lot for your help!

By the way, Adalo is a wonderful product and I love working with it. Keep on the good work <3