Adalo Components for Advent Calendar - Third Milestone Hit ( 6 components )

I have just completed my 3rd milestone, after working on so many UI components, I take a break and release some utility components.

Day 13 - Record Info - it displays data source id, table id and element id from the first list item. Inspired from features request that sometimes users want to perform custom action with the element id

Day 14 - Airtable Formula - It helps to generate some specific formula from the list, currently support multiple select formula only.

Day 15 - Listify - I built Listify to helps to pull value from list item and join it as a CSV value, useful to use it query external API.

Day 16 - JWT Decode - I use this component to decode a JWT token and use the value

Day 17 - Quick Fetch. I built Quick Fetch to help do simple API GET queries and allows to set actions for both success and failure. My use case is when the query failed means the token expired, so that I can logout the user.

Day 18 - I m getting a bit bored with Utility components, so I release the Grid component that I use to build advent calendar. It support 2 state and having two state action.

Moving forward to the last milestone!