To-Do List/Habit Tracker

I am attempting to clone the design of an app shown in the Collections API video on Adalo’s youtube channel. I was hoping that you all could share a clone of ‘The Daily Check’ app. I am having trouble setting the buttons on the modal to create the habit completion and setting the count of completions along with the progress bar.

Good afternoon,

This looks great!

Did you manage to complete this? I am trying to achieve the exact same functionality with the calendar too.

Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately no. No one ever replied and despite much effort, I was not able to successfully recreate their model. I would still like to achieve this but for now I have simplified. Are you using the calendar or calendar strip component?

Hi, that’s a shame. Did you submit a support ticket through Adalo website?

I think the calendar strip would be ideal. This would then refresh after every week. Is this a component that you can download via the marketplace?

Actually didn’t give that a thought. I’ll definitely give that a try.

And yes, the calendar strip is a component in the marketplace. On the editor, you’ll click the green button that says 'Explore Marketplace" then find the component and install it. Once it is installed you’ll find the component in the installed tab.

I was attempting to follow the youtube video I posted and attach a modal to the action of clicking a date on the strip. I was able to get the selected date to show up by creating a text property in the user collection (date property, named it “selected date”) and on the strip set the click action to update-> logged in user. Scroll to selected date-> magic text-> calendar strip-> selected date.

I got stuck there and was unable to show the tasks for that selected date along with implementing the action of checking the box on whether or not the task was completed on the modal.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for this info.

You would have thought that if they are showing the app in one of their own videos, it can be achieved. You may also be able to download the template for this.

I also found this cloneable kit online which may be of use for you:

Let me know if they respond to your support ticket and thanks again!

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