Adalo Custom Components

Finally, launched. my personal website for some nice Adalo components that i have developed.


I’ve seen your website. You have good components but it’s obvious that you’re not a User experience designer. Each component should have a demo so users can see how it works before purchasing. Also, your prices are high. Consider reducing your prices and do a demo along with components. It’ll be cool


I agree with having demos, or at least better explanations of what the components do.

I disagree with @endieumunna when he says to reduce your prices. Charge what you feel the components are worth.

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Well this is something i am working on, but it takes some time to be well coded.


Cool. That’ll be nice

Do you mind if I send you a much better design for your adalo component website? You don’t have to pay me. I’ll design the UIs for desktop & mobile then forward to you and you can give me components when I need them…interested?

This has nothing to do with mobile or web, this is html and css… do you design using css and html?

I know it has nothing to so with mobile or web. I’m talking about the UI/UX. The look and feel.

I’m saying it can be much better.

And of course I can code the HTML/CSS but I’m not disposed to doing that now. I can only provide a much better UI/UX for you

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Hey Jimmy, great job. Some of the components you have developed can be very useful


Thank you, appreciate your feedback

Can I get the email&SMS verification component? How does it work pls?

The Twilio Sender, is to simple, you grab the required information from Twilio ( accountSid, authToken) and a phone number, you put them in the component the you configure it. How does it work? It has two states, whether it’s a verification code or used for normal sms, if you choose verification state, the component will automatically generate a code in your message, and you choose what input from the Screen it’s need to verify, and you have two actions:
1- if input value is equal to the code
2- if the code is wrong.

The other state is for normal SMS, sending maybe a welcome message, promotional message,…

If you’re interested just message me privately

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Checked out your site. Great job!

Prices look fair… I assume they are 1-time payments?
if so, “one time payment of …” might have been helpful for me to read.

I am sure it’s a work-in-progress, keep it up.

Thanks for the feedback, yeah this is a one time payment

Looking forward for the work

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