📱 Help Me Build a New Adalo Component!

Hey everyone,

I’m planning on building a new component for the Adalo marketplace, and I need your help! I’m looking for ideas on what type of components to create that would be helpful for Adalo app makers.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for a component that you’d like to see in the Adalo marketplace, please share them with me! Whether it’s a UI component, custom integration, or feature that you’ve been missing in Adalo, I’m open to all suggestions.

I’ll be building the component in public and sharing my development progress with the community on this forum and on my social media channels, so stay tuned for updates! And if you have any feedback or suggestions along the way, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you in advance for your help, and I’m excited to create something awesome together!



Also, if you follow along the journey (like, comment, etc.) you’ll get a free resource with the component when it goes live in the marketplace! :slight_smile:


a custom UI Credit card Inputer that would work with Not just Stripe but Paypal or Square would be really nice

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Do you mean a payment provider but customizable?


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I’d really like to create a better version of the Horizontal Avatar list where users can select, and unselect different avatars and see which options have been selected. Users should be able to select MULTIPLE options and the data collection associated with the mutli-select avatar list would update based on the selected avatars.

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Hey @Jeremy64,

Welcome to the Community!

If I’m not wrong, I think @Michael might have this in the marketplace already. I can definitely look into it if what you’re talking about is different. :slight_smile:

Multi-Image selector :slight_smile:


I’ve been planning that for a while…I hope there’s enough demand for me to make it now :slightly_smiling_face:

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or file i would buy both

IDEAL or PAYPAL payment component would be awesome. especially if it connects with stripe since alot of people already use stripe with its api to confirm active subscription on users.

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Yes please! Also voting for multi-image selector


Conditional Text will be really useful

Instead of using Multiple Text and Visibility conditional, add a Conditional text (with 2 or more text settings and visibility rules )

For exemple :

Text 1 : _________________ ( Please signup)
Visibility rule : If current user isn’t logged (Can be customizable)

Text 2 : _________________ ( Welcome again )
Visibility rule : If current user is logged

For me, it will be a Game Changer and I will buy this item instantly

Thank you for your work!

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Image uploading is one of the most rudimentary processes in Adalo, in terms of capabilities, UX and design.

I think a lot of use cases would benefit from it.


I think @njimmy10 might already have this :slightly_smiling_face:

for a smaller object or native update: add a TO-DO list where you can add things and check them of once done. sometimes things get complicated and i need a 3rd party app to make a to do list.

Hey Grant! I made a Square payments component. DM me if you’re interested :slight_smile:

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I would like alternatives to Admob for ad monetization - leadbolt, tapjoy, mobfox, etc… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

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Hi @James_App_Maker ,

Component Idea - Google Adsense for web apps in Adalo. Google Admob limited to mobile only.

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