Adalo extra functions

Hello, I’ve been exploring the Adalo. I need help with a few questions:

  • Is it possible to embed iframe or HTML code into app pages?
  • I have data (agenda, events, speakers, users) that is being constantly updated so I want that whenever the data is updated in our external system, it gets updated also in the Adalo app. Is this possible?
  • Is it possible to create separate chat rooms?

Thank you

A bit of research and can answer all those questions with information from the forum and Adalo’s website/documentation.

All those topics have been discussed, and Adalo’s documentation/website also clarify the main features.

  1. Yes can embed html to some extent, and can have webview.

  2. Yes data can be updated via API but in your case it may be more efficient to have external collection rather than using Adalo database for everything.

  3. Separate chat rooms are possible

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Thank you all for your answers, appreciate it!