Is it possible to add quizzes to Adalo app?

I want to know if I can build a learning app using Adalo? One of the things that would be important to me is the ability to add quizzes or questions for students to answer. Is this something that would be possible using Adalo?

If it is not possible, will I be able to embed HTML quizzes within my Adalo app? I would only use the third party embeds if it wasn’t possible to do it natively within Adalo. So, could I embed a Typeform quiz as an example? Do you think it would work fine on desktop and mobile app?

Sorry about all the questions. I have just joined, and I wanted to clarify a few things before I started investing serious time into learning and building my app.

Thank you.


Hey again :)!

There is a prebuilt template already in the adalo marketplace, using a True/False Property.

I hope this helps! You don’t have to be sorry we’re all newbies at some point! :slight_smile:

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Thank you that’s great :slight_smile:

I think I will use that template. I will start investing time into learning the platform going forward.

I am used to platforms like Webflow and WP. My site is on Webflow and hopefully this won’t be too hard to learn. I wanted to see if some things are the same. So, if evert I wanted to use a Typeform embed or paste some HTML code, is it more or less a similar process? You get an embed block and paste the code in?

Yes, in the component marketplace there is a html block where you could put some code.

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