Adalo extremly slow , Chat is literally unusable, lots of complains from my users

Adalo is extremly slow my app tradepick4u has chat enabled , Chat is literally unusable and terribly slow, lots of complains from my users. and even myself i cant use the chat inside my app at all as its super slow. even the app as such is slow . can you pelase check

My app name is TRADEPICK4U available on both IOS and ANDROID .the only way the chat is even usable is if i delete the chats immediately from the database .


Can Adalo or anyoneplease comment on my issue, Is anyone using Chat and extremely slow and unusable.

All adalo apps have a bit of lag. This is just something we have to deal with until Adalo team upgrades/enhances this lag.

Unfortunately, it is a common issue for everyone

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We are aware of some performance issues on Adalo and it is our top priority to fix these issues and improve performance this quarter.


Would love to know if you’re on the free or paid plan?

I’m on a paid plan. All kinds of weird stuff is breaking today. When I fix one thing, something else breaks. @Colin, are the engineers making changes to the live version? It’d be easier for us app developers to have some stability if we could opt into updates.

Although I understand your concern, having that as an option would only further complicate matters as we would then have to identify and support each version that a user could be on for each app.