How to make or install quick chat for users?

hi hello people. I made a chat for my adalo app, but I’m not satisfied with the speed. tell me the best solutions for adalo chat with notifications of new messages and photos by the user inside the chat, can anyone have a clone? thanks to everyone who helps with this

I want to second this post. I’ve been trying to find a solution to this problem as well, and feel like we need a way to outsource the chat portions of the app. I’d love it if someone can link a Chat API that we can use.

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You’ll struggle to do everything - photos etc.

I studied them, but I think it will be easier to buy this solution, my application is not included in the minimum tariff and is focused on the growth of users every day, I saw the offer from @nocodemonkey but it is too slow although it is good and affordable, maybe there is a better solution? who knows ?


What others have you studied? As much as I love a piñata.

Hey Rozza, have you used crisp? I’ve been looking into it for the adalo app. Are they compatible?

crisp webpage is always loading for me idk why but I would just use pragma flow chat componet

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