Adalo Geolocation is not accurate

Hello, I have the “Map” component installed in my app. The thing is, sometimes it does not get the accurate Geolocation users try. I have specific postal codes as a filter because my service is not available in every postal code in Mexico, and when testing my app with different users (whose postal codes are aggregated in the database), it says that the postal code is not available, and I add another postal code that is nearby and sometimes it works. I don’t want that a user gets rejected because the Map component does not register their accurate postal code, what can I do to fix this?

I send an image
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You need a Location field. Use Update User & users can enter their Address. Google Maps will use the address & get the Full Address (with Postal Code), Street Address, Latitude & Longitude. Now you have everything you need. You can place the location on Map either by using the Full Address or Latitude, Longitude.

This resource explains it all. Many people have posted their experience with Maps in the Adalo Community.

Generally you can get any location that Google has archived. You dont need to mess around with Postal Codes. I originally wanted to aggregate Postal Codes but that database is rather large. In my small region I have 150, 000 postal codes of interest. Each postal code has Full Address, Latitude, Longitude. So thats 150k rows x 4 columns. I am sure you have alot more postal codes of interest in Mexico. You might not want to manipulate such a large database within Adalo. Draw on Google’s extensive database, its easier.

Hope this helps

Thank you very much for your reply. In fact I will be using only 1,700 postal codes in total. I will try both solutions and let you know how it worked.

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Also, I don’t want the user to edit their location in order for me to know that they “actually” live there or at least are physically in their geolocation.