Geolocation doesn't work properly


I’m new to Adalo and just start my journey. While passing one of the lessons (Location 101) I ran into two issues:

  1. When I place a location input element on page and set its value to “custom” I expect it will let me input location. But it just says “API keys with referer restrictions cannot be used with this API”
  2. When I try to get logged in user current device location and display it through magic text it shows message “Location data is not available”.

Please, share your advise, how can I finally make it work?

Anticipating some questions:

  1. I have a Google Map API key set up.
  2. Billing account is connected.
  3. Restrictions are set to HTTP and only one item
  4. All 5 required APIs are enabled

Hi @Mike_Borok,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Can you try changing the restrictions to None and see if that works? If you set restrictions I think you need to add your App URL there to have access for it!

Did you added the Location Permission action to allow location before displaying it? I also get this error If I have the location permission action on that screen. Not sure why. Maybe Barrett ( @barrettnash ) can add some more information here about that?

Thank you

Hey Mike, thanks for taking Location 101. Let me know if there is anywhere you get stuck or needs to be updated.

Also let me know if you find any improvements that you think other watchers would find helpful :smiley:

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@anon64517257 @dilon_perera
Guys, that worked! I removed restrictions and voila!

PS Just thought it’ll be enough to put restriction to with asterisk on both sides.

Anyways, many thanks to you!


Awesome @Mike_Borok!

Wishing you the best of luck!

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