Adalo is just another app constructor for kids... - Hold my beer!

Hey, my name is Sanzhar. I am a professional app developer with a solid experience.
I believe in LC/NC. The future is coming…

In this topic, I am going consistently update with my latest experiments with Adalo. Moreover, I am going to clone already published and well-known apps, no category limits (maybe no games) - just to show and prove everyone that Adalo has no limits - it is only your imagination. And with Adalo you can make ideas come true in unreal speed and quality!

I will start with simple apps.

P.S.: you can request an app to be cloned and we will make it together :slight_smile:


My vote would be Marco Polo!

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A workout tracking app! The best one out there is “Strong”

How about a Twitter type clone

already made --------

Hey man! Give us all these apps! :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum!

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