I'm new Is Adala good for me?

I need to know more about adala, I have been going through many no-coder apps and I saw adalo as one of them so I just want to know if this is an app builder for me! Is it the easiest builder out there? etc.


Hi Jacob,

Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile: :partying_face:

Yes, Adalo is the best no-code mobile app builder out there! You could have a fully functioning app in less than 10 minutes!

Also, I built an app for my friends one time and I finished it in under an hour and they were like "how in the world did you make a mobile app that fast :fast_forward: :wink:


I also went through a similar process of checking different builders, I previously was using glide but it lacked some functionality I needed.

In terms of ease of use, yes Adalo is pretty amazing for that.


Welcome :partying_face:

You can use Adalo for many amazing builds without any line of code, it may take you time to learn the basics but you can find videos on the Adalo youtube channel, either way, there are some bad such as performance but it currently being worked on, as if easiest Adalo gets easier than all other no coders as others are more complex. Plus remember that form is here for ANY kinds of lows and ups questions!

PS its called Adalo :laughing:

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I’m currently between Adalo & Bubble, just confused which one!

I would say Adalo. :wink:

I never knew you could apps faster but is which is easiest

I would also say Adalo because when I was making my first app when I was done I was like “no way I’m done already, that only took like 10 minutes and I have NO experience in building apps from the start so like” :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry for calling the name wrong, but thanks for honesty, I think you answered correctly, also as if what I saw now is that community is great, also what do you mean when you say performance?

He means when you click on a button it takes a couple of seconds but performance should be better around end of May.


What @James_App_Maker said is what I meant, just keep in mind adalo is powerful, Before I came to adalo I ofc tried Bubble it was a complete mess [No offense] its not organized in a way where would be compatible with beginners, It may be more active users but needs more organization as in Adalo editor, either ways we like to welcome you, also @James_App_Maker :roll_eyes:

Thanks, that’s what I’m looking for!

Woah I’m more interested on what you mentioned here about performance. Do you have any more details from the team on what upgrades will be done by the end of May?

Not as of right now, but I do know that they are working on the editor performance right now and also working on mobile apps. :slight_smile:

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