Adalo line chart - fixed minimum & maximum

Hey everyone, I’ve got a pretty straightforward question.

I am using the Adalo line chart component to show user data over time. So far everything is fine, besides the fact that the chart changes according to the user data.

What I want is a fixed chart with a minimum value of 0 and a maximum value of 10, and I want to visualize the user’s data within that. Whereas now if a user’s maximum is 5 for example, the chart for that user is set to a maximum of 5 as well. Which makes it a bit difficult to quikcly compare different users.

Is it possible to set a fixed min/max value for the chart or is there any workaround it? It would be super valuable for me!

This is how it currently is right now in Adalo:

This is how I want it to be (ignore the gradient):

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