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Hi. I’m having a doubt about the adalo payment feature. I created an app where several stores can sell their products through the app. I wanted that when payment for a product from this store was made, this money would be directed directly to the account of the user who owns the store and another part of this payment would stay with my application. A marketplace. How do I do this?

You would do this with Stripe Connect. Each vendor would have their own Stripe account connected to yours. Once the vendor is set up and connected, you can configure the payouts, minus your fees, to their account.

Do you know how to send a receipt or proof of order to this user’s email after he makes the purchase? Can you do this through the payment gateway?

The Stripe gateway only processes the payment and sends a message back to Adalo when the transaction completes.

You would need to create a custom action to send the order details via API after payment and have a receipt template set up to receive the data. You can do this using Integromat, Zapier, or direct API. Sendgrid has transactional email templates you can build and you just need to map the fields from your data fields.

In the Stripe component on the sidebar, open up the Submit Button and you’ll see “After payment is successful…” That’s where you add your custom action.

I don’t know how your database is set up, but I have an Orders table and an Order Items table, two related collections.
In my case, using Integromat, the following happens:

  • when the order completes, send the basic details (order #, customer info, etc.) to Integromat via webhook
  • go back to Adalo to get the order items for that order
  • build the order PDF using Eledo
  • send the PDF via email (Sendgrid) and fax (Phaxio)

Hope that helps!

I tried to use the Zapier platform that does this action, but you have to be in the paid version to be able to activate this action. Do you know another platform that you don’t have to pay to do this?

Integromat has a free plan that includes webhooks. Integromat - Achieve more in less time with fewer people

Sendgrid also has a free plan.

Ok. thank you so much for help. :slight_smile:

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A question. There is no limitation on sending receipts through Integromat, right?

With the free plan, you can do 1,000 operations per month. They also have a data limit which, depending on your case, may or may not be an issue.

If you’re using the Adalo module to check for new records, it will only run every 15 minutes, but webhooks are immediate.

Those are the only limitations I’m aware of.

Ok. Is the creation of this receipt saved somewhere in Integromat? Because I will need it later

No, the receipt won’t be created or saved in Integromat. It’s just a way to move data from point A to point B, C, and D.

Like I said before, you will have to create a receipt template in another application to receive the field data and send the email.

You should check out the Integromat site. They have thorough docs.

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