Using Webhooks in Adalo (with Integromat)


Hey, thanks so much for this.
Could this be used to put information back into Adalo’s tables?
Trying to figure out how I can use this for external payments; to notify the adalo data of the payment status.

Appreciate your input

Im not positive, but I don’t think that will be available until Adalo releases their own API. You can upvote that feature here:

But you can use Zapier to update or post data to new records that way.

Thanks, so would Adalo’s connected API feature would also not work to “GET” info back and update records?

I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean?

I see they have a section for “connected apis” does this not solve the problem? Could I not just connect to my payment gateway via api and be able to update a records payment status somehow through this feature? Or not?

Oh oh yes you can certainly do that with a POST method using an external API collection as long as the API supports it.


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@pfordmedia Maaaan !! thanks alot
How can i use this method to send a verfication email or sms to make sure that the email or phone numbers are correct? i mean how to verify user’s with this
im okay with the part where adalo connects with integromat, but how can i return the data to adalo’s table and register this user as Verified or something?
If you help me with this im gonna build a statu for you in Germany :smiley:

Yeah good question - It’s a bit clunky, but you would have a “Send Email” module in Integromat with an HTML button in the email that says “Verify Email” which would be a webhook to Zapier (because currently only Zapier has access to some sort of Adalo POST and PUT methods) which triggers a Zap to update the user’s record in Adalo as verified (boolean property). Alternatively you can do the whole thing in Zapier until Adalo releases their API.

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Thanks alot, im gonna try it and Replay here with an update.
Then it’s Zapier again :frowning:
Zapier is slow, and it is expensive to make a pro subscription, i think that if it didn’t work then we have to wait for adalo’s 3rd party authentication.

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This is awesome. Just what I needed right now. Thanks @pfordmedia!

I think that it is now easier with Custom actions, right?

Haha yes definitely. Custom actions render this method somewhat obsolete.

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Good Video! really helping me out… but one issue i’m having is MagicText’s available data doesn’t include any TRUE/FALSE properties from my database collection… does anyone know of a way to get this type of data into integromat?

I think in order to use this method you will need to use just a text field that is updated alongside a boolean field. So instead of passing boolean parameters, you pass “true” or “false”. I think this is actually the way booleans are passed in JSON anyway. You might could also use a number field where 0 is false and 1 is true.

Thanks, as-per your suggestion, i’m attemping to create a automatic field in the form, so that “if Checkbox A is selected, Switch Field A = 1, otherwise Switch Field A = 0”

however, although i can select “use custom formula” in magic text, when the red tag appears, it won’t let me click on it to create my formula :frowning:

I think it may work better by creating a custom form instead of trying to use the form component.

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Thanks! i got the custom formula fields to pop-up, however… it seems i cannot select any of my checkboxes to reference data from them to use in my formula… I guess Adalo just isn’t there yet unfortunately… but thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Yeah typically I have to use dropdowns in place of toggle boxes. It’s really annoying.

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Genius work-around! It almost works for me but just not the same lol - I just wish checkboxes worked, so much better for toggling throughout the app… i’m basically shut down here :frowning:

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