Adalo Status - Today

I tried to preview my app now and I got Not Found text. Then after I open Adalo Status I saw many issues. And I saw there was a issue with the previewer.


Hope Adalo Team will fix issues faster!

What is going on? Any info from Adalo team? can’t access anything.

Same here, nothing is loading.

Same problem. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Hope Adalo Team will fix these issues faster!

Same here … impossible to use the app . Impossible to connect to

Whats going on?

Constantly going offline…


It is impossible to make even a preliminary application. Blank screen with “NOT FOUND” message

Here we are again… and again… My customers are burning my phones out… same last week… I know it will be fixed … and usually does not last long… but this is serious stuff!..

Lyn poddley

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Hey everyone.

Sorry for the inconvenience here. This appears to be a large outage of a large dependent service for Adalo and thousands of other sites and apps.

See my post here.

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My Side works well again!

I have access again and apps are working.

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Hello Ben…

My apps are now visible … But!.. all the Graphics are “Garbled Up” … But I did an F5 refresh on Keyboard… which has cleared the “Garbled mess” and now back to normal… Just for anyone else who uses Graphics as Full Backgrounds etc…

So just Press F5 on keyboard to refresh the page you are in whilst using Adalo and it should clear to normal…


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