Adalo Team Comms - App Editor is currently experiencing some issues

Hi Everyone!

One of our upstream services(Heroku) has been experiencing some intermittent outages since about 1PM CDT.

You can stay up to date on the status at our status page Adalo Status

We appreciate your understanding and are working to get things back up as soon as the issue is resolved!


Thank you for the really fast information!

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We are seeing this intermittently coming back on and offline while the issue is being investigated and resolved.

We suggest not continuing to work in your apps at this time, as changes made while the editor is offline will likely not be saved.

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damn Iam stuck :smiley: I dont wanna loose my changes

We are seeing the Editor up as of 1:35 PM CDT. You should be ok to resume editing apps, but we are keeping the incident open until the root issue is marked resolved by Heroku.

If you are in the middle of editing, and the editor goes offline, keep your editor tab open, without refreshing, and your changes should be saved once the editor comes back online.

The incident has been resolved per Heroku as of 3:15pm CDT. We have seen the Adalo Editor being stable since 1:35pm CDT.

We have marked this as resolved on the status page. If you see any persisting issues, please submit a support a ticket and will investigate further.


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