🏛️ Adalo Town Hall (July 2022)

Hey all,

I’d like to share with you all the town hall that our CEO David and @barrettnash filmed together yesterday, July 26th. Quick note we will be posting even more details about a revised pricing plan shortly.

We worked hard to hit as many of your questions as possible. I hope you take as much insight in how Adalo as a company works and what we are working on while listening to the answers.

Feel free to PM @barrettnash with any feedback on how to make sure this townhall experience is continuously improving, he’s already gearing up for the next one later this year.


Product Roadmap Part 1

Section 1: Product Roadmap

0:03 - What is Adalo’s internal process for managing its features roadmap?

Section 2: Web Apps

3:42 - Why did Adalo choose improvements to Web Apps’ for its next major technology push?

6:11 - What sort of changes can Adalo makers expect to see with responsive Web Apps?

9:37 - What could building a responsive Web App in Adalo look like?

11:39 - When building responsive Web Apps, will things still work ‘Automagically’?

12:18 - Will Adalo’s Web Apps feature version control?

14:02 - Will Adalo Web Apps optimize for SEO and deep-links?

15:22 - Could you speak to the general rollout of the new Web Apps?

17:25 - Will Adalo users be able to keep using Adalo normally while Adalo’s new Web Apps are being developed?

Section 3: [Ongoing Initiatives / Continuous Improvement] Integrations & Performance

18:55 - Are there any plans to finish the beta on external authentication?

20:51 - Call out to Adalo makers: which direct External Collection & External Users integration should Adalo focus on the most? (Please comment below!)

22:16 - What can Adalo users expect for improvements to the Adalo database?

Product Roadmap Part 2

Section 3: [Ongoing Initiatives / Continuous Improvement] Integrations & Performance (Cont.)

00:00 - What’s going on with Adalo’s integration with Zapier?

1:18 - What about incorporating Zapier and Adalo even closer together?

3:14 - Will Adalo users be able to access record IDs for custom actions?

4:10 - What’s next for performance in Adalo?

Section 4: Rapid fire product questions!

8:30 - How does Adalo approach individual feature requests?

10:14 - Will Adalo apps be able access additional sensors on a smartphone?

10:50 - Will Adalo ever have a normal WYSIWYG editor?

11:40 - Will Adalo improve the organization of collections in the Adalo Editor? What about screen organization?

12:28 - Is Adalo going to create native support for making multi-language apps?

13:05 - Will there be improved visualization of information around screens in the Adalo editor?

14:15 - What can users expect from the beta IAP subscription?

15:20 - Does Adalo have plans for additional payment gateways for paying for Adalo?

16:38 - Is there any plan for there being an ‘app level’ collection?


0:08 - What has been Adalo’s approach to pricing change?

3:47 - What was the process Adalo took to choose our new pricing?

6:56 - What has been the Adalo community reaction to pricing changes?

8:38 - Is Adalo listening to users’ feedback on pricing?

9:45 - Why did Adalo choose to focus on app actions in pricing?

12:23 - Let’s address a few specific points from the Adalo forum’s feedback on pricing

15:29 - Why did Adalo choose to focus on app actions?

17:26 - How does mass updating records work with Adalo actions?

18:58 - What are Adalo’s suggested best practices for freelancers and agencies in relation to price changes?

21:10 - How do apps with a shared database work with published apps?

22:19 - If I unpublish an app what will happen?

24:11 - How does ‘published apps’ work when publishing the app to multiple places?

25:07 - What is David’s feedback on collections API pricing?

26:19 - What are expected timelines on support tickets for paid plans?

27:55 - David, any final thoughts on pricing?

Community Forum and Support

0:05 - What are Adalo’s plans to improve our forums?

4:24 - Can Adalo make a live-chat feature for support?

6:40 - Why does Adalo support sometimes send help resources rather than solve a maker’s problem?


Was a real pleasure interviewing David. As someone who has been watching Adalo town halls since summer 2020 it was prettttttty cool to be involved.

As Katelyn noted above feel free to PM me any suggestions on continuous improvement for the next town hall later this year.

I hope you all take as much out of this post as I did listening to David while we filmed.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I might of not understood correctly based on how David explained it…

So adding app action caps in the new pricing was solely to capitalize on apps that do well, charge them for doing well, than from an actual server/cost perspective?

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This is a lot of information! Thanks :smile::pray:

I don’t see anything mentioned about specific app speed-performance for android builds. It also hasn’t been touched on in the performance section.

Is it touched on somewhere else?
For me this is by far the bigggest issue holding back roll-out to production level use.


Hey David & Barrett

Thanks for putting together this town hall, some interesting stuff in the pipeline for sure.

Regarding the external collections and external users integration, I’d ask to please focus on Airtable as the external collection integration and for external users, although I’m not yet using it, the Webflow Memberships as it would allow us to create a seamless user experience going from website to mobile app, web app etc. Although I realise with your focus on Web Apps going forward that this might mean you’re in direct competition with Webflow so perhaps this is not what you guys are after.

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:flushed: :flushed: :grimacing: