Adalo trigger notification issue again

Push notification is a major factor for some mobile apps to retain user visits, this is third time in my app I’m facing trigger notifications, I’ve implemented it in various actions, It was working initially then stopped, requested for help, started to work, after few days again stopped , support requested, started to work after few email communications. Worked only for few days, again facing same issue, I feel adalo is not stable for real applications. really I’ve build a big concept in adalo. If I want to build same in another platform I’ve to spend another 3 to 4 months time. even I tried custom actions as they mentioned in their document. all fails… ADALO try to keep stability. I’ve another concept in mind, but thinking to adopt adalo. I like the platform and the environment.


You had published your application, and after that, you’ve faced a problem with notifications. I wanna publish application and try to set up notifications but have some doubts.

Adalo, please fix this, my app is already available in play store…I already submitted the ticket.

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