Adalo Widget Embed

Hi, I need some help regarding Embedding a widget. Is it possible to implement an embed code? thanks

Have you installed the ‘no coder HTML renderer’ plugin?

Install the plugin, add the embed code and see if it works.


hi, yes I did but still nothing happens. The codes i’m using can be found here:


I have also tested the HTML plugin and it does not work in this instance.

I would suggest using the following method.

  1. Copy your embed code for the widget.
  2. Create a new text document on your desktop and paste the embed code in the text document. Click save as and save it as widget.html
  3. Go to , upload the file you just saved (you need to create an account which is very quick).
  4. Now back in adalo, add the webview component on the page where you want the widget and add the new tiiny host url in the webview component.

Voila, you have your widget, just like I did…

Tiiny host will only host the file for 7 days for free but if you look around I am sure you can find a free web host somewhere or maybe you already have access to hosting.


wow. Thank you for your help & time, I will try this.

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I tried this, and it displayed the html code, instead of the widget, any ideas?

Hi, your file has to be hosted on a web server for it to work.

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