Adalo - Xano integration thread

Hi all,

Very excited by the new Xano integration. Don’t see any thread/announcement about it yet (weird!) so here’s one!

Two questions I have myself which I don’t see covered in any of the documentation:

  1. How will this work with all the ‘current’ entities that Adalo automatically recognises (like ‘current user’). Is this supported, or do we have to reference manually?

  2. Does the Xano integration play nice with the geolocation feature of Adalo? I know that they have some special field-types for those. So that’s why I’m wondering.


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One more :slight_smile:

  1. Image optimisation/compression - Adalo uses ImgX for image storage - enabling compression and loads of other features. How do people using Xano go about this?
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I signed up for the team plan and it doesnt work right out the box. Wow.

It is sad that it is only available starting from Team plan. Adalo says their most popular plan is Professional plan and it doesn’t this feature.

I wish they make this integration available in the Professional Plan without the free Xano account. ( some of us already have Xano accounts)

Well I just tried it out and it took me like 2 hours to get it to work. Its not very straightforward if you already have an app built. I am going to have to recreate the whole app just to use it. I ended up having to recreate all my endpoints on Xano for auth and some of the others as well. Its not worth $200/mo. I am just trying to make an advanced concept to get $ from an investor so I can build an app. With the 3 platforms I am using Xano Adalo and SocialScrape I am paying $400 a month for a concept. Not sustainable.


I make applications for clients and I always use my clients’ accounts, they pay for their SaaS.

In this case I would like to be able to test the integration, do experiments, etc but I can’t pay 200USD just for testing…

I have my Xano Build account which is free and allows me to test a lot of things, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to test the integration…

@Adalo_CXTeam @barrettnash I think they should have a plan to be able to test or test the integration at least for Adalo Experts or with publishing limitations, etc…


Yes this is awful! I already have a Xano subscription. I would love to take advantage of the built in integration with my Adalo Pro plan.

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