Add a warning about empty required fields

I have a long form to fill in the data. If the user hasn’t filled in the required fields at the beginning of the form, he may not see a warning next to the unfilled input field. When he clicks submit, he just sees that nothing happens.
How can I add a warning about unfilled required fields as a popup or next to the button?

not sure about the form component, but you can make a button action link to a warming modal screen if there’s no input. Set it to sometimes>if forum input X>is equal to> empty

This can be done in a single input form, but not in a form.

I didn’t understand the question properly. In a multi-form you can change the “field required”… And then a red border with an error text will be showed if an input is missing the value.
In case you need a custom form and a custom warming that will be kind of stressfull with too many fileds, the button should have a base condition (open error modal screen) and n°conditional actions = n° fields and then set it as “Create only if Imput 1,2,3… Is not empty” like the guy above answered you.

I am aware of the possibility you describe. It does not suit me precisely because of the complexity of its implementation.

I am looking for a solution for a standard form. If the form is long and the user scrolls to the end, he doesn’t see the fields at the beginning of the form. That’s why he doesn’t see the warning about the form not being filled in either.

This could be solved either by automatically returning the screen to the unfilled field or by a popup message.

But I haven’t found a solution yet.

Hey @raznyeregistracii,

So I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for but we ( recently release an Autosave Text input.

If you were to make a custom form (with text inputs), you could use our input and trigger a pop-up if the text input had less than a certain amount of characters (you can save the character count to the database).

See image below.

*Disclaimer: if you just want to trigger a pop-up when the field is completely blank, you could do this with a regular text input. You do lose the red text “required field” warning when you use a text input though.

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Thanks Michael, but that’s not what I’m looking for.
Did I understand correctly that you can be contacted for customization of applications created on Adalo?

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Yes, we make custom components as well. Feel free to DM me with any component request.

I’ll let you know if I can help.

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