Required field in custom form!

Hi! as the title says is there any way to require the user to fill a form in a custom made form?

Hi @Cristobal,

Unfortunately, you have to build this functionality by yourself… :frowning: This is time consuming, but there is no other option.
You can check against the input field is not equal to empty. Though it is quite difficult to built the check for several fields on one page.

Best regards, Victor.

There’s a custom paid component that does this done by @Michael that does this: Store

Otherwise you can build a custom form that only shows the next field if the user enters something in the current field- something that Typeform seemed to have made millions from. :laughing:

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Thanks will try my best!

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Thanks!, its the Input Validator component right?

Hey Cristobal,

So there are a couple options here.

  1. The Autosave Text Input

    • In this case you would save the character count for each input in the database and have your submit button not perform the desired task unless all the text inputs had a character count over your desired amount.
  2. Input Validator Button

    • This component will validate 1 input with specific requirements. If you want to ensure that 1 particular input is answered in the correct format. (You can us Regex to get fairly specific about your requirements).

You could use these in tandem if there is one specific input that you want to make sure is filled out to your precise requirements.

@Cristobal yep- the input validator. I’ve used it a few places in my app- and the regex capability worked well for me with UK postcodes.

Hi! Thanks your component literally saved the security of my app. Btw love all your comoponets!

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Thanks for letting me know, that’s an interesting application of the component.


Thanks @Cristobal
Happy they are working out for you. Feel free to reach out if you have any other needs.

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