Add AI to your app?

One of our teammates shared this cool product they stumbled upon called It’s made by Microsoft. I just wanted to pass it along in case somebody here wanted to play with it.


Wow that is pretty cool - thanks for sharing!


I need your help, am not that perfect

Hi @martpkong I just reviewed the product, but I have not built anything with it. For now Im just thinking through what projects this technology can be applied, practically and ethically.

Ok , but I need your help . There is an app that an creating but am using the experience that I got from YouTube adalo tutorials .but when ever I wanted to add a future or to correct an error . I found it deficult and sometimes end up messing allot of things up.

Hey there. This post isn’t the place for help. I suggest creating your own post and sharing as much detail as possible so the community can help you.