Add audio to each pic in slide show

can I add an audio sample for each of the pictures in an horizontal slider?

Not experienced trying this with a horizontal slider, but you could replicate this behaviour with a custom list which shows one item at a time, and contains an auto-playing audio player component.

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Hi, Thanks for your answer.
If I use horizontal image list and underneath I put the player component .
how can I get a saved MP3 file in the data category of the above image to be played?
Thanks again.

Hey there @Yoni

You can’t. Adalo cannot change the value of something simply because it is in the viewport (i.e., horizontal list items when scrolling cannot change any values unless the list item is actually clicked).

I would also recommend @theadaloguy said. If you have a list set to display 1 item, you can add the audio component into that list and have it set to autoplay the sound. You’ll need to add inputs and buttons or countdowns to change the slider image / mp3.

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Imagine a one item list like a card with a left and right arrow. Press the right arrow it goes to the next item.

This can be done with a custom list, and can do the functionality you need with audio I believe.

So actually i’ll need to have many pages, as the number of the items and at each page the arrows directs to the next or previous item, instead of one page with a list?

This video can help you!

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Thanks a lot. A little complicated but I believe it would work for me.

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