Slider of Cards?

I am looking for a slider, but instead of just having images, it would have other information from the database. Is this possible in Adalo?

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You can use the Deck Swiper Component.

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Hi @dilon_perera, I am not sure if @richardmadison is looking for a Deck Swiper, but I do want to mention a few things to save his time (because I learned the hard way) -

1.) The Deck Swiper component is not working correctly right now. Its developer is aware and is working on fixing the problem. The swipe UI is working but the database is not updated correctly.

2.) The Deck Swiper component expects a picture as the main thing to swipe on. This is as far as I know. For example, you can’t swipe on the deck of cards which are text only. This is a functionality that I also want but the current component doesn’t support this.

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@richardmadison I am not sure what on your mind exactly but a horizontal list (it is available as a component) with pictures sounds like what you need?

Hmm. For show only texts you can add a list and a button to go forward.

@dilon_perera Not sure if I follow. First of all, it will not be a swipe action that I desire (just like on the deck of cards). Secondly, are you talking about a custom list with additional buttons or something else. I tried (just a little bit) and couldn’t get it to move to a new element of the (custom) list on the click of a button. Perhaps you can explain a bit what you said. Thanks.

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Hi again.

I guess I wasn’t clear. I’m looking for something that can autoscroll (like the image slider)

Is this functionality available in the deck swiper? Or maybe in the Horizontal Card component?



I imagine you’re asking for custom horizontal lists and that’s in a feature request somewhere. I suggest you find out and upvote that!

I created a app. So do you want like this?

Thank you

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