Add links in a comment?

Is it possible for a user to post a comment in a forum (made in Adalo) and include a link in the comment?

Like this:


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Hi @jasondupree,

I guess you just did it? :slight_smile:

Sorry I mean within the Adalo app. I’m creating a forum in my app.

Hi @jasondupree,

Ok, I see.
If you’d like your Adalo app to adjust the text automatically when user types in the link, then I don’t think it is currently possible.
You could have a separate field in the message for the link though.

Best regards, Victor.

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I think you might be able to do this if you setup a 2nd text field for the comments called “Link” and told users to put the associated link in that box. Then you could display that as a item under the comment and format the text field with a URL and magictext to embed the link and make it clickable.

Just a theory, I have not tried it.

Speaking of forums, I’m assuming the Adalo team didn’t build this forum from scratch with code. Does anyone know which 3rd party software Adalo is using for this forum? I’d like to potentially use it for a web forum for my app as well. Thanks! @tdhi

thanks @Edward it looks reasonably affordable as well. Will look into it…

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