Adding links and files to posts

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Quick question - how do I create a fiction to add links and files to posts in Adalo?

For example, if I am posting about an event I want to be able to add a registration link, a file with more info or an image. I also want to be able to copy text (e.g. phone number or link) from a post. Please help.

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You could use the hyperlink text component in the marketplace.

Hi Anna @AnnaMedic.

Let’s assume you have “Posts” collection.
You will need to add 2 fields to this collection:

  • URL field, type is “text”
  • File field, type is “file”.
    When you’re creating a new post, you can add the values to these fields.

On a post viewer side, you will need to add these fields as well:

  • for URL field, it could be a just a text label (e.g. “Click here to register”). On this text label add an Action, select “link to Website (on the bottom)”, and add URL’s value using magic text in the action.
  • for File field, you can make a label text’s a filename, and add similar “Link to Website” action with magic text = file URL to allow users download the file.

If you would like to make text copyable, there are 2 options:

  • set the text label’s property “copyable” to true (left pane bottom, Edit Styles)
  • use Copy to Clipboard component from the marketplace.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks very much @Victor

It worked!! Quick follow up question - do you know how to make LINK and ATTACHMENT visible only when there are links that users included in the post.

Example attached below.

Hi Anna @AnnaMedic,

You can make the text label conditionally visible. For a file, it could be if Attachment → File URL is not equal to empty (you don’t type in “empty”), you just leave the 2nd field empty.


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Perfect, i’ll try that.

Thank you!


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