Add tags before posting

Under community, you will see Facebook clone I built. The problem is I want to add a function to add tags. I used drop-down multiselect from marketplace to select user/users to tag. But problem is as the post is not created I cant add those tags. Same problem I had with tried making multiple image uploader because I couldn’t add those image to the post which is not been made yet.
The workaround can be I create post as soon as people go in making post with blank data and start updating properties after post, and add delete post function to back button if users decide to cancel. But if anything goes wrong or person does a back key entry there will be a blank post that users didn’t want to be there. AFAIK there is no way to detect the back button.

The way I solved this was having a modal after the initial post, which would update the post that was just created. I haven’t found a way to include a multi-select within a form prior to creating a new DB record, but the interstitial/modal path has worked for me for the most part.