Can I add these functions to my app?


I need to know if I can use adalo to build these functions on my app or something similar the these functions. I have created an Adalo app for a one time event. I already set up the sign up so users can sign up and pay for the event and see what it’s about. I need to know if I can do these functions:

  1. On the users profile I need a button where they can upload photos of each team member that will all show up on their profile at the same time and that will also go into a users data base with a swipe set up. Every user needs to be able to swipe through everyones photos, one time, and there needs to be a like button on each photo. Each user can like each photo once and I need to somehow be able to see which photos received the most likes in order of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. I also need to be able to stop the users from being able to download a photo at a certain time before the voting begins.

  2. Below the team photos on their profile, I need a button where the users can download 20 photos that all appear on the profile below that button, at the same time, either two across or one across the size of an instagram photo is preferred but I will use whatever you can give me. When the contest time is up, I need to be able to see all the users who posted the most photos in order from first to download the final photo to last to download (ex: if some user post all 20 photo, I need a list of just those users, from who posted photo 20 first to who posted photo 20 last.) If the users with the top number of photos posted only post 16, I need a similar list of everyone who posted 16. I need to be able to stop all user from posting these photos at a certain time.

  3. This is the last function I want to focus on because the other two are most important. If it’s possible, I would like the users to be able to download their favorite photos, out of the 20, to a database that creates a photo montage that all users can watch.

If at least functions one and two are possible, please let me know how you would do it. and I am willing to pay someone to get one function done a day starting today.

Thank you,


Hi @Tori ,

I might help you on this one, #1 and #2 seems possible using built-in function in Adalo, but for #3, it will need external service, need research though.

How would you want to proceed this ?

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Hi Yongki,

Thanks for replying.

Can we complete one function today and one tomorrow?

Do you want to guide me to do it?

I am available to work on the first function now. Let me know if you want to guide me through it or do it yourself. If you want to do it yourself and if you have time to complete one function today and one tomorrow, send me your rate.

Hi Tori,

If your app is confidential, I need to see your database structure, so later you can copy paste the screens and logic from the app that I create for you.

To do that, you can create a new app and choose advanced option and then choose share database and pick your app.

This should create new app with all the collections but without the screens.

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 3.17.10 AM
Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 3.17.39 AM

But if you can add me as team member, it would be better.

An online meeting can speed up things to avoid miscommunication.
After that we can negotiate the compensation.

I can add you as a team member. A zoom call would be great. Are you available now?

I need around 30 minutes.

Let’s continue this in private message.

Will I get a notification when you message me in private message? I have never used it.