Add to Calendar function with Adalo & Integromat


I would like users to be able to add an event to their Apple/Google calendar. So they would press a button and a window with a new calendar event opens up and the name is automatically inserted. How can I do that with Integromat? Thanks in advance!

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I have an idea: Can I maybe use a custom url to add the event to the Google/Apple Calendar?

Hi @Florian,

I’m not sure this would be easy with Integromat.
When I set up Google Calendar there, as I see user credentials are needed to create the connection. So, as a consequence, there is only calendar for one user will be available.

In theory, you can create the calendar integration manually, but as for me this will require quite a big effort.

I’ll be happy to know if there is an easier way.

Best regards, Victor.

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