Adding a submit Button To A List

Dear All,
i have a page with 4 custom lists to select multiple activities, each activity has a name, image and points
the selected activities gain user specific points( each activity have a specific point count
what i want is this, i want user to select multiple activities and press submit on the bottom button .
after the user clicks submit the database start updating and adding these points to another database collections.
and what about lists in other pages, for example i have a view all button to show all activities that are grouped together, so user can select other activities that are not in the first page.

is there a way in achieving this workflow? what i found until now is by selecting each activity card the database updates, and if i deselect a card the database updates as well, what i want is only one update request to the database that updates all these lists.
this is a rough wireframe of what i have :

user selects multiple activities and presses submit :