Button to update list without moving to another page

Hello everybody, is there please a way how to create buttons on the top of the page that would update the list below without need to be relocated to another page? Thanks!

  1. Update button on the top of the page
  2. Add action —> on click, update collection/list
  3. Update the fields in the collection based on form inputs
  4. Sort list —> created date, newest to oldest
  5. Advanced options —> Refresh automatically.

Let me know how you get on.

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How do you please add action to update collection/list? I do not get such option to choose even if there is a list below. Thank you.

Share a video Tommen. It’ll help

This is my list which is a list of items that can be sorted in categories. And I would like to sort the list based on the chosen category above.

Following your advice, I tried to update the action of a list above but I do not get the option to update the list below.

Ok, I think I understand.

I created an activity feed which had all user feeds but including ‘feed for activity x’, ‘feed for activity y’ and so on.

I had the same issue as you, how do I put a filter at the top of the page to sort feed by All vs. activity x vs. activity y etc.

So I created multiple pages, one for each activity. I added in a drop down box at the top of the ‘all feed’ page and the menu options was activity. So when a user chooses an activity, the click action would be to the specific activity page and the I changed the transition to ‘none’ instead of ‘push’.
That way, whenever someone chose a specific activity in the main page filter options, it would take the user to the page containing feed for the specific activity.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you very much, Arun :slight_smile:

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With the click action, you have to choose a certain page. How did you make it that the click action links to the page depending on the dropdown menu?

Select the dropdown button and add action. The go to ‘advanced options’ and fill in your criteria.

The dropdown menu does not have an “action” button

Use a button instead of a dropdown. Add magic text to the button where category=logged in user category. The add multiple click actions. Go to ‘x’ page if logged in user category = x…and so on. Hope that helps Seif.

Yes it helps!! thank you so much!!

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Hi guys, the solution to this is to add text input fields (invisible ones, you can achieve that byputting them behind other components or by making them transparent ) you set your dropdown to change input value of the inputs, and you filter your list according to the inputs, the list will refresh instantly on the same screen, without making multiple screens

on another topic, I had to refresh the home page of my app without leaving or going to another page, so I tried to add a “refresh” button that points to the home page (on the homepage itself, but Adalo doesn’t allow that (not directly) so I went to another page created the button, pointed it to the home screen and then copy/paste it on the home screen, now it works really great,

hope that i helped you

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add text input fields (invisible ones

This a must, many thanks!