Adding data to existing property

Hi all,

I have a list of designs where users can add product(s) they own to it. Each time the user adds a new product Im trying to save that product name into a ‘search index’ property so that I can implement a search function.
For example, user has added 1 product to a design > I save the products name to a database property > user adds another product > I want to append the 2nd product’s name to the existing database property > so on and so forth.

Currently, every time I try to append the 2nd name to the existing name(s), it just updates the whole ‘search index’ property to the 2nd name.

Does anyone know how to add data to an existing property within the database?

Hi @Joey

You can try update that field with field and 2nd name separated with comma or other letters.

So there will be 2 fields combined.


Awesome - that worked.

Thank you!

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