Creating Custom Searches and Search Bars in Adalo


Thanks @pfordmedia! I wasn’t aware you can stack inputs/properties into a new property like that. I was also having problems in my app with multiple create/update functions not executing on submit. I will try the blank screen redirect hack now!


What if you’re not allowing users to create the data & therefore don’t have the ability to update data as it’s being created? I’ve already got hundreds of pieces of data, how do I apply the search index feature to existing data?

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Yeah that can be an issue and there are basically two solutions. You can create an admin workflow that has redirects to cyclically handle upgrading records using blank screens and page visit actions - or - you could export the data as a CSV, update it in Airtable or a Spreadsheet then reupload as CSV


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This is a great tutorial. I tested the “transition update screen” method you shared using a modal screen versus a blank screen and the functionality appears to work the same but with a slightly different visual effect.

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+1 smart tricks, you great !

This Is Amazing, may I suggest you to make a “serie” out of this? I look forward to see news on this thread eventually.

This is a great tutorial on showing how to update the search index when a record is created. Is there a way to run this for the entire collection to populate search index with other properties after the fact?

So I got creative and added an action to populate search index field on a list info screen. Filtered the parent list to only show results where the search index field was empty. Then just opened all records on my phone until the value was populated :grimacing:

Thanks for the blank screen hack to update fields after creating a new Document with the form component.
And also for the search index property that merge multiple other properties into it.
That is nice