Adding gifs doesn't work

Hi everyone,
I’m currently trying to add gifs to my database (instead of images) and integrate them with the image component to my app. Unfortunately my app won’t show anything, not even a static image of the gif. I’m using the URL of the gif as a magic text in the image component. Can somebody help me here please? Thanks in advance!

you can try using the Lottie component

unfortunately we don’t have the gifs in JSON format, only the URL is available so I guess that won’t work…
But thanks anyways for the suggestion!

you can try

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There is currently a bug in using the URL of the image from the DB to display an image in the image component.

Is there any reason why you cannot use the ‘normal’ way instead to display the image instead of doing it via the URL?

Hi Collin,
there’s no particular reason, it just didn’t work to display the gif URL in the image component. So you think it didn’t work for me because of the general displaying issue?

The issue surrounds displaying images from the URL. If the URL does not end in exactly the image extension (.jpg, .gif .on etc) then it will not be displayed.

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